Kids Doing Chores… When is it age appropriat​e?

A local Momee friend wrote asking:

” At what age can a child start some household chores? What is age appropriate?

I want to teach my child to be helpful and of course responsibility.”

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8 thoughts on “Kids Doing Chores… When is it age appropriat​e?

  1. Age 3 I feel they can start doing small things: like wiping the table after dinner or a snack.

  2. When my kids were old enough to understand brushing their teeth, putting on their clothes, brushing their hair (best they could) and washing hands and cleaning up the toys the played with. I would say around 2 or 2 1/2 I gave them a responsibility chart and they earned stickers for doing these everyday tasks. Chores I did not start till about 4 and I asked them to help sweep they loved pushing the vacuum and helping me wash the dishes : )
    Do a responsibility chart first it makes them feel independent. Good luck

  3. 3 or 4…. I started with simple things like putting their own toys away to a song, fixing their bed. Cleaning the table was easiest because they wanted a paper towel to spin round and round in circles too. It was more fun than a chore. Chores at this age are skill builders: large/small motor, attention to detail, sequencing and lots more!

  4. my daughter was about 2 when I started to let her help pick up her toys and putting her stuff away It was like a game and it was our time together.

  5. my boys are now 8 and 9 and i would say for the past 3 years they have been doing chores. so i guess they started around 5. i pay them $1 each chore they do. well depending on what it is and how often. they have to clean their room once a week and they don’t get paid for that. they have to put their clothes away after i fold them and they don’t get paid for that. but if they want to earn money, i have them do extra cleaning. i have them pick up toys and put clothes in the hamper. i want to teach them the importance of working together as a family and the responsibilites we all have and the value of $$ at the same time!:)

  6. : ) I will come over and clean for $ lol… : ) responsibility is a great thing Renee!

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