Cinnamon Roll Turkeys

There is nothing sweeter than starting your Thanksgiving morning off with a delicious Pillsbury treat. My family loves cinnamon rolls and when I saw the idea to make Cinnamon Roll Turkeys on the Pillsbury website, I knew this would be the perfect Thanksgiving morning breakfast.

We decorated our cinnamon rolls with candy corn beaks, edible candy eyes and bacon feathers. It was fun having the girls assemble these with me. They loved helping and I know your kids will, too.

As you know the bacon can be hot and greasy. Hence, the paper towels in the picture below. I made sure the bacon cooled and most of the grease was taken off the bacon pieces before the girls added them to the cinnamon rolls.

These came out so great! Not only were they fun to make but, they were delcious to eat.

We are excited to figure out other ways to make festive Cinnamon Rolls for other holidays, as well. I am thinking bunnies for Easter and maybe a Christmas Wreath for Christmas. Stay tuned for more of those fun ideas.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our family to yours!

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