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  I recently had the opportunity to visit Keep Moving Forward, Inc. in Garden City – a state of the art intensive physical therapy facility for adults and children. The vibe was just as bright and uplifting as its owners, Shai and Amy Eapen, PT, DPT, who want everyone to feel empowered.  

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All goals can be achieved when you believe!

Keep Moving Forward, Inc. provides an intensive individualized program for infants, children and adults with neuromuscular disorders, developmental delays and other diagnoses. Amy, who is a leading expert in her field, specializes in Neuro and Pediatric Physical Therapy, and is certified in Early Intervention, and the TheraSuit Method™ .


Alex (age 4) and his Dad, Jared

All treatments are customized and provided one-on-one. Therapy sessions are very intense and can last up to 3 hours a day. For that reason, Shai and Amy encourage family members, particularly siblings, to get involved to keep everyone motivated.

After meeting Shai and Amy at a prior event, I was excited to see their facility and I had a sense that their practice was going to be special. What I did not expect was how incredibly moved and inspired I was going to be after leaving. Shai allowed me to observe some of the intense therapy sessions of 3 very special people – each with family members lovingly and enthusiastically providing encouragement.

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.

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When 9 year old Grace first came to Keep Moving Forward, 4 years ago, she could not walk, and now not only was this beautiful young lady happy to pose for some pictures without any assistance, she plans on running a 5K with Shai next year!


Grace and her Dad travel all the way from Ireland to work with Amy – staying 3 weeks at a time, and then continuing the protocol set forth by Keep Moving Forward at home. With only 12 other facilities in North America that practice the TheraSuit Method™, Shai explained that a good percentage of their patients not only come from out of state, but from out of the country, and that these “out-of-towners” are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island at an affordable rate.

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I was honored to meet former Nassau County police officer, Kenneth Baribault, pictured above with Amy, his Mom, Patricia Baribault, and therapists, Erica Bryer, PT, DPT, and Christine Astarita, PT, DPT.

In May 2008, Officer Baribault was patrolling the Long Island Expressway when he pulled over a drunk driver and was hit by another. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, placing him in a coma for 2 months at Nassau Medical, where he was only given a 10% chance to live. Then, after 6 months of rehabilitation at the Kessler institute, doctors felt as though Kenneth’s progress had reached a plateau. Refusing to accept the grim prognosis of doctors and specialists who were resigned to believe that at best he would be able to feed himself, Kenneth persevered, and with the unwavering support and faith of his mother, Patricia Baribault, they sought alternative treatments and therapies which eventually led them to Keep Moving Forward. After 3 years of hard work, 3 hours a day, 3 times a week, Kenneth is thriving and continues to make great progress.


I am so grateful to have met Shai and Amy, and everyone at Keep Moving Forward, and I’m excited to add such a wonderful team of professionals to our Momee Friends network. Keep Moving Forward is truly one of our BRIGHT PICKS!

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