Shadow Drawings

Today the girls and I were talking about shadows.

Do you know what time of day your shadow is its tallest? (Hint: it happens twice a day)

At noon my youngest daughter realized that her shadow was so tiny. I explained to her that a shadow is either long or short depending on the height of the thing casting the shadow. Also, it depends on the angle of the sun above the horizon so shadows are longer at sunrise and as we get closer to sunset.

I have seen a Pinterest pin over and over again and have been wanting to do it where we trace the shadows of our figurines. 

shadow drawings 9

It was so nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful night while making some shadow drawings. It is a lot of fun. I recommend trying it with your kids.

shadow drawings 5



We then thought of tracing our own shadows with chalk after tracing the figures.

The girls decided to draw inside the shadow lines. This is another fun activity to talk about shadows while drawing.

I highly recommend any activity that gets kids outdoors and starts a conversation within our family. We had so much fun talking and learning about shadows with our art activity for the day.


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  1. That’s such a cool idea! When my daughter was little, we used to love making shadow puppets together. This would have been right up her alley 🙂 . I’m going to share this with the moms and dads in our private parents group!

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