Fun Bites

Have you heard of FunBites?

It is a wonderful bite-size food cutter that comes in a variety of shapes and colors that was made perfectly for little hands to help out in the kitchen, as well.

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FunBites creates bite-size fun for Picky Eaters to make meal time a more exciting and enjoyable experience for both the child and parent.

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It goes WAY BEYOND sandwich cutters! FunBites works fantastic on pancakes, waffles, deli, cheese, burgers and more.”

See how easy it is to use:



First, place the FunBites® cutter on top of food. Remove popper top and put to the side.
funbites 4

Hold cutter handles, firmly rock back and forth 5 to 6 times to cut all the way through the food.

funbites 2

Insert popper top. Lift cutter up from food. Insert the popper top and push down to pop out the bite-sized pieces.

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Fun bitesSee all the variety of shapes and colors that FunBites comes in! They also have a new Minion Shape, too.

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FunBites has been created by a Momee who saw a problem that parents have and created a solution. We thank you Bobbie Rhoads for making mealtime fun in our house!


Thank you Bobbie for allowing our readers a chance to win your great product for families:

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FunBites are perfect for picky eaters and creative moms.

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