Book Worm Bookmark

Want a fun bookmark for your little ones favorite book?

Make this easy book worm bookmark that will put a smile on your child’s face and help them remember where they left off in their favorite book.

applehashbookworms 025 applehashbookworms 023

All you need is:

A hot glue gun ( parents only!)

Small Pom Poms , Medium Pom Poms, Pipe cleaners, Colorful Wooden Popsicle Sticks and Wiggle Eyes

applehashbookworms 017

Using the pipe cleaner make your antennae and glue it to your medium pom pom with a small pom pom glued to the other side.

Continue to glue small pom poms (any colors you choose) along the small pom pom)

and add the wiggle eyes to the medium pom pom.

You have now made your book worm.

applehashbookworms 018

Now attach it to the popsicle stick with the hot glue gun.

applehashbookworms 019

It is so fun and easy to do, make a few more book work bookmarks for other books your child loves.

applehashbookworms 020applehashbookworms 022applehashbookworms 023

Put them inside your book and you have completed your Book Worm Bookmark craft!

applehashbookworms 024applehashbookworms 025

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