Toddler Leaf Sewing

Head outside and find the biggest leaves you can find for a great fine motor activity that will cost you pennies to make.

leaf toddler sewing

All you need to make this is :

Large Leaf

Card Stock

Can of Acrylic Sealer/ Finisher

Hole Puncher

Shoe Lace

Hot Glue Gun


Spray the large leaf with the sealer. 


The sealer is important because it will help the leaf sustain a longer period of it not wilting. Within a few hours of gluing a non-sealed leaf to the cardstock it will wilt and fold up.

Shown in photo below. (courtesy of News 12 Long Island.)


Next, trace your leaf on the cardstock.

Cut out the cardstock leaf and glue the leaf down to it using hot glue.

leaf leaf1

Now, using your hole puncher make holes around the perimeter of the leaf.


You are ready to sew!


Grab your shoelace and practice your fine motor skills using this fun toddler sewing leaf.

You can see this craft/ activity featured on News 12 Fall Fun Series

Watch it here —> #FallFun

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