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Howtoons has a kit for every child who loves to create and learn the science behind it. Each kit comes complete with a mini comic book and all the materials you need to create the specific project of each box theme. Kids end up with a tangible project they built themselves and we absolutely love it!

Unlike other subsciption box plans you can either subscribe to Howtoons and get a new box each month or you can purchase the specific box you want for the child in your life. HOW COOL, right?

Howtoons has Kits for Every Young Maker

From music to rockets, physics to chemistry, Howtoons has a kit for every budding maker on your gift list. Each kit comes complete with a mini comic book of tales, how-tos, and the science behind it all, along with all the tools and materials you need to complete the build. Kids end up with a tangible project they built themselves and a whole new way of exploring the world.  

The first box we tried was the Ukuele Kit:

My daughter loves music so the Ukulele kit was a huge hit! Our cardboard creation really plays and the mini comic book that came with the kit tells you all about sound! Fun while learning.


Ukulele Kit



Then, we did the Gami-bot Kit:

My husband and brother had the best time working on this kit together. ( I would say this kit is for kids ages 8 and up- it is a little harder than some of the other kits). The origami robots were a fun challenge and seeing them move was not only awesome but, it gave them a sense of accomplishment that they did get them moving. The girls loved this kit, too!

How could you not love this? You can create real moving objects and let’s face it, robotics is awesome!

“The Gami-Bot kit includes supplies to create four different origami robot bodies, four vibrational motors to power the bots, and five batteries, plus our Howtoons comic and other supplemental supplies.”

Robot Origami Kit by Howtoons


Marshmallow Shooter and Stomp Rocket Kit:

“Get a fun double-whammy demonstration of Newton’s Laws of Motion by shooting marshmallows through PVC and air-powered rockets.” This is one of our favorite kits and it is especially fun for younger kids!



Other kits include:

Bubble Kit: Find your inner bubbleologist by crafting inventive wands and exploring the scientific principles behind why bubbles do what they do.

Rubber Band Car Kit: Get mechanical by building a sturdy little cardboard racecar, then power it with the almighty rubber band, which acts as a low-tech rechargeable battery.

Bat Mobile: Explore the intersection of art and science by building a balanced hanging mobile in the shape of a friendly flapping bat.





Get yours: here


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