The Big Duck- Flanders

We were so excited to visit The Big Duck in Flanders, today!

We have always wanted to visit and I can not believe this is the first time for all of us. We love our ducks and our Long Island must see places with your camera.

If you are from Long Island you have to visit The Big Duck and get a family photo. It is a historical piece of architecture that will make you smile. If you visit when the museum and souvenir shop is open you will be able to take home something with a duck on it and your kids will want a duck souvenir, too. So many ducks in one small area and it is awesome.



“THE BIG DUCK, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, overlooks Reeves Bay in Flanders, Long Island, New York. The vision of Long Island duck farmer Martin Maurer… THE BIG DUCK was designed by Broadway set designers, the Collins Brothers, and crafted by locals George Reeve, John Smith, and Merlin Yeager in 1931. Originally nesting in Riverhead, our fine-feathered friend has waddled three times and now rests in it’s most popular and familiar settling, BIG DUCK RANCH.”

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Located at:

1012 NY-24, Flanders, NY 11901


Let us know when you go!

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