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Stuck in the storm? There is no reason not to have A LOT of fun and make memories that your kids will have for a lifetime! Take some fun pictures too : )



Right now I am sitting at my computer waiting for the BIG WINTER STORM to hit Long Island. We can see anywhere from 2 to 3 feet of snow with terrible Blizzard conditions. I know being a parent you look for things to do with the kids during the storm especially if we lose electricity.

*Besides breaking out the Board Games ( which I personally love) … Monopoly is the perfect game for a snowstorm it is the only time you do have enough time to maybe finish a whole game : )
*You can also play charades, play Pictionary and break out a deck of cards. With the cards see if you can build a huge house of cards.
* Grab your radio one that takes batteries of course and besides listening to the up to date news, have a dance party in your living room.

Why not try making an old classic that kids will get a kick out of…

Plastic Cup Phones

mommyblog1 016

so easy to make —-> click here for directions 

mommyblog1 026


Make indoor games:

I know Mom always said ,”Don’t Play Ball in the house” but these look like fun!

1. Pinterest —-> Jug Catchers

Jug Catchers- made from recycled bottles, they have handles & a nice big openings for catching a ball or sponge water bombs. Good for indoor, outdoor or water fun.

2. Pinterest—->  Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis ~ Fun idea for the kids. Everyone likes playing with balloons! Decorate/personalize the plates.

3.   Pinterest—> Play Velcro Ball

Velcro catch for the little one who is still practicing catch. Put Velcro stickers on a plastic ball and use regular gloves!

4. Pinterest—> Paper plane target practice. 

Awesome activity for a rainy day! Paper plane target practice.

Using pillow, sheets, blankets and more there is fun things you can create…

Encourage your kids to read books by making a tent area for them to read in… 


Make it cozy with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and of course flashlights!

Pinterest Pin—> click here

Encourage your kids to read by making a fun tent for it. =)

Be the coolest parent ever and if you have an inflatable pool blow it up and fill it with ball pit balls and balloons for kids to jump and play in!

I loved this Pinterest Pin —-> click here

Inflatable pool used as a ball pit on a rainy and/or winter day! FUN!

Make a Fort—->

This is one of the best things to do during a storm. Here kids imaginations and creativity runs wild. They bring in every pillow, couch cushions, chairs, tables, clothespins and blankets in one area to make the ultimate cool spot to hang out in during the storm.

Here are some forts I just loved looking on Parent Dishthese are so simple!

Make some cool musical instruments using things around the house:

Guitar—> click here

mommyblog3 018 mommyblog3 019

Noise Shaker

breadshaker 017


Cool looking, homemade maracas. They look easy enough to make and can be used by children! They would be a great experience for kids who have never experienced this kind of music before.

Popsicle Stick Harmonica

This is kind of amazing: Popsicle stick Harmonica ~ simple DIY musical instrument your kids can make

Homemade Castanets

Most kids love musical instruments, and there's no reason to spend money buying them. You can whip up these castanets and kick up your heels in a flamenco dance in a matter of minutes.

Do a really fun Art Project!

Glue + Salt + Water Colors = Lots of Fun —-> click here for directions


Have fun inside with your family! Hope these ideas help you out and give you something new to do…

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