Reindeer Hot Dogs

Make a festive Holiday version of Pigs in A Blanket with these Reindeer Hot Dogs.

How cute are these? Kids and Adults will love eating them.

reindeer hot dog mia

What you need is:

Hot Dogs

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Candy Eyes

Ketchup (optional)


Roll the crescent rolls into balls.

reindeer hot dogs

Slice the ends of your hot dogs off. Cut small circles of the hot dog for your reindeer noses. Rip a hole in the center of the crescent roll ball and put your “noses” inside wrapping the uncooked roll around it.

reindeer nosereindeer nose 1

Take longer pieces of the hot dog and slice in half and cut those halves into halves. Then slice those pieces half way to make “antlers”.

reindeer antlers 1

Once you complete your reindeer shapes adding the nose and pair of hot dog antlers. Bake according to directions. I baked at 400 Degrees for about 16 minutes. (Time varies depending on oven)

reindeer antlers

They are so cute when you take them out of the oven. Add the eyes for the finishing touch.

My kids are not fan of ketchup but if your kids are add ketchup to the “nose” to make Rudolph.

reindeer hot dog 1 reindeer hot dog mia

I am sure your kids will love them as much as mine do.

Great as a Christmas appetizer for the kid table. I know a lot of the adults in my family will make sure they are sitting at the kid table to enjoy these cute Reindeer Hot Dogs.

From my Momee Kitchen to yours… MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I was inspired by this Pinterest Pin that my Momee Friend Nikki showed me.

Reindeer Hot Dogs for a fun & easy  Christmas lunch! These cute hot dogs take just minutes to make using Pillsbury Crescent Rounds & Hot Dogs:   View this pin on

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